Consulting and support to ensure successful implementation of coaching in organisations

  •     Principles and techniques 
  •     Levels of implementation, breadth and depth
  •     Integration into the business
  •     Full support during the implementation

Management Consulting

  •     Operational support for investors in Slovakia
  •     Project management
  •     Interim Management
  •     Management Development

We provide a consulting service to companies wishing to start up a new facility in Slovakia and Czech Republic, whether it is the setting up of a subsidiary or transfer of the main business.

The main areas of expertise lie in the field of manufacturing management, organisation, recruitment, training, management development and operations management as well as providing a broader project support from the initial enquiry through to the implementation.

We are offering support to existing companies already established in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in their management development, by providing coaching and mentoring for their local managers. See Coaching.

We also provide Interim Management in the manufacturing environment in the UK and abroad up to a period of one year.

Examples of  specific assignments undertaken

  • 15 months contract with a multinational company in the Netherlands, supporting them in their Human Resources activities during the building of a large new green field site Factory and the Technology Centre in the Czech Republic.
    The main activities involved:
    • Recruitment – starting up the recruitment process and finding and engaging the local Recruitment Agencies.
    • Training – as the Business Group European Training Co-ordinator, organised and implemented the training of the Key Staff of approx. 150 throughout Europe.
  • 6 months assignment with a multinational company in the Netherlands, supporting them in their new production facility in Slovakia.
    The main activities included: Recruitment, Training and Interim Plant Management.
  • Operational Management of a multinational company in Hungary.
    The project involved: Selection of the location, recruitment, training, transfer of plant and equipment, start up and finally Operations Management. Total duration of the contract was 3 years.
  • 12 months -  Interim Plant Manager for an automotive factory in Slovakia   
  • 6 months - Project Management - Transfer of Engineering company from the UK to Slovakia

A Member of: NAMC (Northern Association of Management Consultants)