Women Manufacturing Managers - Survey

20/07/2009 13:53

 Women in Manufacturing Management Survey.
I am doing a survey into women in manufacturing management, having myself, over 20 years span, had a successful career in manufacturing in various roles, such as Manufacturing, Operations and Plant Manager. My results so far are more about the women in management in general and I am now going deeper into the special challenges of women managers in manufacturing.

If you are a female manager in manufacturing, please send me your comments relevant to the main headings of the survey, i.e Top three....

Thank you.


Results so far:
Top three goals of Women Managers in manufacturing:
1. Achieve respect from the male colleagues
2. Remuneration equivalent to their male colleagues
3. Equality in promotions and opportunities
Top three things they love about what they do:
1. Hungry to learn, improve, advance, achieve and thrive.
2. Curious and crave a constant expansion of their knowledge base, for the benefit of both their working and personal lives.
3. Taking advantage of standing out, it is hard to get lost in the crowd, usually the only woman in their company’s leadership team.


Special skills of Women managers and their special contribution:
- long-term thinking
- Women are better long-term planners.
- Men and women act differently, and that they complement each other.
- women are the most powerful decision makers in terms of how money gets spent
In manufacturing environment:
Manufacturing is the perfect environment for women
Manufacturing requirements change and women are better than men at handling transitions
Women are better at multitasking - their brains are built for it

Top three things that aren’t working for them:
1. Difficult to counter aggression
2. They don’t necessarily have female colleagues with whom they can discuss work issues, talk about their hopes for future promotions or solve problems.
3. Work-life balance

Top three things they are trying to avoid:
1. Women don’t want to blow their own horn.”
2. Many female executives are not motivated to change the status quo because they are conspicuously in the minority, despite the slight increase in the number of women executives
3. Asking for salary increases

Top three mistakes they continually make:
1. Career planning - You talk to a lot of women in manufacturing and ask them how they got there, and they don't know how. They just sort of landed there." By urging them to plot out their careers, companies can help women employees reach their leadership goals.
2. Women still set their sights too low
3. Lack the confidence to recognise their own worth

Other things that hold them back from success:
The majority do not see themselves as winning, but rather helping others to win.
One quarter of female managers are not adequately involved in decision making
They are not encouraged to fulfil all of their potential.
Their progress is not always as rapid as it could be because they are still not given development training as readily as men are, and regrettably too often lack the courage to ask boldly for this.

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