Successful business and management - my journey and learning points.

02/10/2009 21:33


I have recently been a speaker at the Sefton Women in Business Network event and thought it may be of interest to the women in Business and Management I know to give you an overview of the main messages I tried to convey during my talk.
I was asked to give an overview of my journey to become a business woman working in the international environment and the learning points that helped me on my way, which may be useful to other women in business.
Apart from a brief overview of my journey from being an industrial chemist who was bored out of her mind and grasping at an opportunity to throw myself into manufacturing in desperation to escape the boredom. I then went from technical roles and project management to people management, which stretched me to the limit, and at the same time allowed me to grow beyond anything I could have dreamt of.


Now I am a business woman, consultant, trainer and a coach, running my own business for the last 10 years
As a coach, I help women in business and management recognise their worth, build confidence and earn the income they truly deserve.

Learning points – things that helped me to grow
a. Taking opportunities – opportunities are everywhere, all around you
b. Recognising my own worth – took me a long time
c. Courage to take the risk – what is the worst thing that can happen?
d. Growing means having to go outside your comfort zone – being scared is quite normal,
e. Surprising myself over and over about what I can do and building my confidence – I remember, one moment in time when I was in China – I realised - I can do anything!!!!
f. We all have fantastic potential and its up to us how we develop it
g. Living up to the values and beliefs – in my case the integrity, being productive, equality, respect for others
h. Networking, networking, networking…

Overriding message:
Believe in yourselves and don’t let your FEARs cripple you!
FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.
It’s GOOD to feel FEAR!
It means you are growing!! You must get out of your comfort zone, if you want to grow
FEAR is the most natural feeling when you are outside your comfort zone. Celebrate it! You are growing!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Pat Parry for letting me give the talk and to Jane Sheehan, whom I met at the event, whose book Sole Trader I purchased and which inspired me to write this blog. I recommend her book to any starting women entrepreneur, not only to the holistic therapists, as at least 80% of this book is relevant to any starting businesses and many points to those already well on their way, as is my case.

Zlatica M. Stubbs
ZMS Consulting & Coaching