Klára Giertlová, PhDr.

Klára Giertlová, PhDr.
Senior Coach and Trainer


  • Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Filosophy (Adult Education)
  • Managerial Courses OUBS – City University Bratislava

Further education linked to education and coaching:

  • Neurolinguistic programming
  • Art of helping – systemic approach to client, helping and own professional role (Institute for systemic experience Prague, international certificate)
  • Video Interaction Training (international certificate)
  • Systemic coaching and systemic management (Institute of systemic coaching PSE Extima Prague)

Professional Experience:

  • Psychotherapist (social services in district Banska Bystrica – 9 years)
  • Company Director – manager – coach (DSS Kompa B. Bystrica, 10 years)
  • HR specialist (ČSOB Leasing Bratislava, 2 years) 
  • Lecturer and organiser of educational and development programs (24 years)
  • Owner and executive of Co/Man, 1. systemická, B. Bystrica (5 years)
  • External coach (8 years)

Professional focus:

Systemic education and coaching focused on personal and professional development – development of skills, capabilities and personal characteristics of managers (and employees), development of coaching skills and abilities in managers ( coaching of coaches), communication and people’s relationships, life and career coaching, work/life balance. self management, team leadership, time management of 4th generation.

Charakteristics of approach to lecturing and coaching:

I have devoted all my professional life to support and development of human potential and I am successful in this. All my activities to date have been built on respect and partnership approach to a person (systemic approach). Therefore, even in training I do not use „ big and clever truths“ , but am searching for useful way amongst the various practical experiences of the people. My lecturing is therefore more a group coaching, rather that lecturing in its true understanding. That is the reason, why I prefer an intensive interactive co-operation with smaller groups of people, where the participants cannot „hide“ (6-8 people).

In coaching I found connection between a hobby and work, I like coaching and I do it in a playful way. My coaching style is optimistic, encouraging, provocative, sometimes even „mischievous“. It is based on a deep belief in an ability of a person to tell the difference what is good and useful for him/her. I help him to find in the company goals also his own private goals. I see as my mission therefore, the preparation of external and internal coaches.

During lecturing and coaching, I do not look for mistakes and weaknesses in the clients, but I help them find and build on their own strengths, which helped them to solve many difficult situations in the past. My experience of many years taught me, that this way is more pleasant for people, rather than pointing to their shortcomings and failures.  Due to the discovery of their internal power, person finds a personal strength and is able produce better results.

I leave judgements to judges, diagnosis to doctors – I support and give strength to the person to develop responsibility for their actions and to have ability to manage their own life, own performance and own career.

My understanding of coaching: Instead of coaching the client, I am coaching with a person.