Wendy Bowers, Colne, Lancs., UK

I have recently had three coaching sessions with Zlata in respect of my consultancy business Hilton Bowers Assoc. Ltd.  As a business adviser, I am constantly reviewing other people's businesses and providing solutions for all aspects of their business but as is often the case, I spent very little time thinking about my own business.

The time I have spent with Zlata has been invaluable. She has helped me to focus and take progressive steps forward, through a very busy time of expansion.  Zlata does not instruct or even so much suggest, she just ensures that you come to your own decisions and you actually carry them out.  Knowing that you have to report back also ensures that you do not let things slide.  The praise and encouragement she gives is something you often don't get when you are the one in charge.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zlata to my clients and I have already incorporated a little of what she does into my own initial interview with clients.

Zlata has ensured that I have a very clear goal for myself and my business and even if the goalposts move a little through the years, I am focused and know that I will succeed.