Zlatica Maria Stubbs, MA, PCC, MKcS

Zlatica Maria Stubbs, MA, PCC, MKcS
Coach, Coaching supervisor and Trainer

Erickson Professional Coach


  • College of Chemistry – Chemical Technology
  • OPEN UNIVERSITY UK - BA Degree, Technological Systems
  • Chester University UK - Master of Arts Degree, Coaching in the worplave

Post Graduate studies:

  • Diploma in Management
  • Practitioner Coach – Noble Manhattan UK
  • Mentoring–University of Lancaster UK
  • Systemic Coaching – Slovakia
  • The Art and Science Coaching – Erickson College Canada
  • Team Coaching – Erickson College Canada
  • Professional Trainer – UK and Slovakia
  • PCC - ICF accredited coach
  • Coaching Supervision - Barefoot Coaching UK
  • Trainer of coaches - Erickson College Canada


English, Slovak, Dutch

Focus Groups:

top managers, middle managers, line/junior managers

Professional Experience In areas of:

  • Management
  • Consulting
  • Coaching and Coaching Supervision
  • Training of Coaching Skills


20 years experience in management positions from managing projects, through Production, Operations and Plant Management. These positions were within Consumer Electronics and Automotive industries in the UK, Hungary and Slovakia. In all positions I enjoyed working with people, being able to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect at all levels, working together on creating common goals and their achievement.


During 2000 I founded ZMS Management Consulting, focusing on providing consulting services for companies investing in the Central Europe, working with them on projects in Czech Republic and Slovakia, connected with transfers of production from western Europe. Services I supplied were in the area of HR and management, from initial people intake, through organisation of their training abroad, development of new managers to the Interim Management of the transfered company.
In 2005 I have founded ZMS Consulting & Coaching s.r.o., focusing on interim management, consulting and coaching and training of coaching and mentoring skills and other workshops.


During 2003 I decided to study coaching as the perfect combination with my management skills and to add coaching as an additional service I provide.
One year later I decided to study mentoring, as a natural progression of my own self development. Self development has become my hobby. I have added to my portfolio by becoming a Professional Trainer and I am continuing further studies in coaching.

Trainer of Coaching skills

Running 3 day coaching skills workshops since 2008.

Running 78 course Coaching in the workplace since 2017


In the area of coaching, I am focusing on external coaching of entrepreneurs and middle and top management in the UK and Slovakia. During 2005/2006 I worked as a Plant Manager, using coaching as the management style.

Coaching methods:

Prior to the first coaching conversation, I send the client a questionaire, focused on previous successes, disappointments and personal goals.
In company coaching the theme and goals to be coached on may be set by the company.
During the coaching conversations, I use a GROW methodology (Goal, Reality, Options,Way Ahead, CIGAR methodology (Context, Ideal, Gap, Action,Review) and Solution focussed coaching as appropriate.

During the conversation, I am an active listener, making sure that I fully understand by using paraphrasing, feedback, questions etc. Through clever questioning, challenging, visualisations and other skills, I help client find new options, resources and own solutions to issues at hand. At the end of coaching conversation, I make sure, that the client takes away an action to move forward and also make sure, that there is a full committment to carry it out. This is followed up at the start of the following coaching session and also between sessions by mail.

Other points of focus are values, beliefs and long term goals.

Why should a manager choose me as his/her coach?

I have an extensive experience in management of people at all levels and can therefore understand the problems and issues which take place within the working environment.
I truly believe in a fantastic potential of each individual, feel passionate about coaching and have the ability to inspire and become a real partner in any situation.

Other related activities:

I organise inspirational workshops for entrepreneurs focused on setting and achieveing goals and also Coaching skills workshops for managers.

In 2014 I intiated an Academy for beginning women entrepreneurs, taking place annually in Žilina, Slovakia.

I was one of the active participants / a speaker at the Coaching Conference in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia, in November 2006, as well as one of the key organisers of Coaching conference in Bratislava in October 08.

I am also a founder member of Slovak Association of Coaches SAKO, founded early 2006 and Slovak Chapter of ICF (International Coach Federation) founded in 2007, of which I was president in 2008.