Juraj Chren, Manager, Strategy, Business Development and Energy Risk Management, Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., člen skupiny Enel

Zlatica gave me very valuable insight on myself and my behaviors. I already had a couple of coaches but their approach only scratched the surface. I think the secret with her was that I was not presented with solutions but I was guided to find them myself. Especially effective was...

Karol Valko, Plant Director, Gnotec Ferrex s.r.o.

„Very good choice as part of leadership development. I appreciate the way Zlatica guided me on my challenging crisis management journey. With her extensive business and coaching experience but also human approach helped me to kick off my potential and better controll judgement when and which...

Andrea Schovancová, HR manager, GGB Slovakia

We cooperate with Zlatica one year. She shows us new way how to work with people and she inspires us to be positive thinking in our longterm project of coaching culture implementation in GGB Slovakia. Under her leadership we are able to present unique approach to coaching in our global structure....

Valéria Dékányová, Leader of Management Service, Eon/ZSE, Bratislava

We are ready to recommend Mrs. Stubbs to our senior managers again. Her approach, attitude and professionalism as coach helped to utilize the potential of our senior manager by challenging his mindset and disclosing new perspectives

Phil Brown, Managing Director, Philip Arnold Limited, UK

  "Zlata has extensive experience in European manufacturing and has great insight into how organisations and people function. She coached my senior operations manager in his early career and through to achieving fantastic results in operational excellence. She has worked hard to develop...

Matthias Frenzel, Plant Manager, Namestovo, Slovakia

Coming back to our coaching sessions I would say that for me the main point were:   You were able to make me aware that .... stopping and listening is giving me a very good opportunity in order to figure out that not only one way exist. Your experience embedded into your comments...

L. Long, Colne, Lancashire, UK

… you are a strong, focussed person, confident and forthright.  You inspire and help people to think about themselves in a different and more positive way.  In short, you kick ass!

Wendy Bowers, Colne, Lancs., UK

I have recently had three coaching sessions with Zlata in respect of my consultancy business Hilton Bowers Assoc. Ltd.  As a business adviser, I am constantly reviewing other people's businesses and providing solutions for all aspects of their business but as is often the case, I spent very...

A. Ross, Lancaster, Lancs, UK

You are patient, understanding and have a wealth of experience in business and life to draw from. You know the right questions to ask, at the right times and can take that important step back to look at things objectively that I often cannot. You helped me to focus on myself, my needs, and guide me...

R. Davies, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

As my coach, Zlata, helped me to look at something I didn't really want to do in a different way. She reflected back what I was initially thinking and with clever questioning opened up my way of interpreting what was actually relevant for me. Zlata's coaching makes a difference and helps you...

Corporate references


Company (year)

Target group

Type of coaching (focus, process, depth, etc.)

Contact person, position

LGPhilips Displays Blackburn Limited, England,



Top and middle management


Clarification of goals and values, management style and leadership, motivation and delegation,communication and teamwork,reorganisation, work-life balance;

Coaching and mentoring based on the agreed goals, using GROW model, NLP and appropriate methods and skills

Phil Brown, Plant Director

David Brindle, Operations Manager


High Frequency Solutions, England 2003-2004


Company owner and Contract manager


Strategy, marketing, management of people, motivation, management style, reorganisation;

Coaching and mentoring based on the agreed goals, using GROW model, NLP and appropriate methods and skills

John Janeczko, Owner - Director


Klartec spol. S.r.o.

2005 - 2006

Company owners and Commercial manager

Organisation changes, Organisation of work, new projects, looking for direction, performance improvement, co-operation with others, continuous improvement;

Coaching and mentoring based on the agreed goals, using GROW model, NLP and appropriate methods and skills

Mária Karlubíková Owner - Director

TCP - Top Centre of Women Entrepreneurs

2005 - 2007


Inspirational workshops for women entrepreneurs

PhDr.  Elvira Chadimova


Full Potencial Group Limited,




Top and middle management


Coaching skills for managers training, change in behaviours, difficult conversations and follow up external coaching

Carole Gaskell


Lugera & Makler s.r.o. Trencin



Top and middle management


Coaching skills for managers training and follow up external coaching

Lubos Kovac


Trnavska RK Slovak Chamber of Commerce



2007 - 2008


Coaching and mentoring workshops

Ing. Jana Gallova




2007 - 2012

Top Management

Coaching of expatriate managers of international companies during their first 6-12 months in their new posts in Slovakia

Alain Verstandig

Managing Director

WIFI Slovakia Bratislava 2008

All levels management

Coaching skills seminars

PhDr.  Elvira Chadimova Director

Johnson Controls International - Electronics Namestovo-Slovakia 2008

Top and middle management

Executive one to one coaching, operational management

Matthias Frenzel Plant Manager

Metsä Tissue, Žilina, Slovakia


Operational Management Executive one to one coaching, operational management Anton Vačko
Regional Human Resources Manager
for Central and Eastern Europe

Sanofi – Aventis Pharma Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia


Sales Managers Coaching skills training with folow up shadowing and mentoring Martin Tomko. Marketing Director,
Eon/ Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.


Senior Management External Coaching Valéria Dékányová,

Head of Management Services

GGB Slovakia s.r.o.

2011 - 2012

Senior Management Coaching skills training with folow up individual and team coaching

Andrea Schovancova,

HR Manager

Gnotec Ferrex s.r.o. 2012 Senior Management Coaching skills training with folow up individual and team coaching

Karol Valko,

Plant Manager

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., part of ENEL

Senior Manageent External Coaching

Juraj Chren


Strategy, Business Development and Energy Risk Management

NN Slovakia s.r.o.

Senior Management Coaching skills training with follow up mentoring support and supervision
External Coaching

Andrea Péčová

HR manager